Impilo 4x4 Driver Training | Durban, South Africa        


The courses which are provided are as follows. Choose the course that is best suited for your team.

4x4 Driver Training
The introductory course is designed for both the novice driver and the seasoned off road driver. Most aspects of 4x4 driving is included in the course. The course is designed to educate and inform the driver of the vehicles limitations, the impact on the environment, ensuring respect to fauna and flora, other off road users, the local community and rules are adhered to all the time. Drivers are given the opportunity to enjoy off road driving responsibly under controlled environments. The course caters for all makes of 4x4 vehicles. All drivers are better equipped to approach most obstacles with a greater awareness to the line of approach, the hazards and risks along the obstacle, the emergency escape route, the correct gear selection, correct breaking technique, reliance on engine breaking and correct usage of clutch and steering position. Traction versus momentum is covered with emphasis on the various off road driver aids available in the modern off road vehicle. The driver takes away a wealth of knowledge which will be beneficial for future off road driving. Most drivers return for refresher courses, some return during the change or upgrading of vehicles. 4x4 vehicles are constantly evolving as motor manufactures find new ways to satisfy the growing market of off road drivers. The duration of course can be designed according to the clientís availability. The options are 1 day or 2 daysí duration.

Advanced Driver Training

Drivers have the opportunity of experiencing the skid pan, including emergency lane changes, collision avoidance, emergency breaking and high speed driving skills under the guidance of our professional instructors. The course is conducted on a specially designed high speed test track.

Recovery Course
The course incorporates most aspects of off road recovery. Drivers are introduced to recovery aids during the practical course. The correct operation of a winch, recovery straps, high lift jacks and air jacks and recovery points are covered. The dangers and hazards of recovery are strongly emphasized. The duration of the course is 1 day.

Team Building
An excellent opportunity to test your skill against work colleges, family members, fellow team members, social clubs, school groups or other companies. Team building can be designed to cater for the individuals needs.